Delicious «Blancmange» from cottage cheese

We present to your attention a recipe for an excellent dessert, which will appeal not only to children, but also to adults. This delicacy of French cuisine is very gentle, light and fragrant. It is prepared simply and without baking. It will not take long time and an excellent result is simply indispensable.

List of ingredients

• Gelatin — 1 sachet
• Pineapple (preferably rings) — 2 rings
• Vanilla — 1 packet
• Sour cream — 100 ml
• Curd — 250 grams
• Sugar powder — 200 grams
• Cow’s milk — 100 ml

Cooking process

1. Take a rather large bowl. Pour sour cream into it, pour in vanillin and powdered sugar. Well stir the mixture. You should get a homogeneous mass.
2. Next, with the help of milk, mix gelatin.
3. Cut the pineapple rings into small pieces.
4. Place the container with gelatin on the fire and heat well. Take care that it does not boil.
5. Pour warm gelatin into the mass of cottage cheese. Well stir up.
6. In the resulting mass, put sliced pineapple and stir.
7. Now take the form and shift the resulting mass into it.
8. Place the form in the refrigerator for about 4-5 hours. In it, the mass will well solidify.

Delicious "Blancmange" from cottage cheese

Bon Appetite!

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Delicious «Blancmange» from cottage cheese