Delicious cheese balls

Although this delicacy refers to that category of dishes that are not very useful, but they are worth it to cook them. Such donuts turn out to be crispy, fragrant and insanely delicious.

List of ingredients

• Wheat flour — 100 gr
• Parmesan grated — 3 tbsp
• Oils
• Oregano — 0.5 tsp
• Hard cheese (mozzarella) — 500 gr
• Crumbs for breading
• Chicken eggs -1 pcs

Cooking process

1. Take a small container and place in it a hard grated cheese and drive a chicken egg. Mix the mixture well. In the resulting mass put oregano and wheat flour. We make a dough.
2. Then form small circles from it. From the whole dough you will get up to forty circles. Pour the breadcrumbs to a small bowl and crumble every ball.
3. Pour into a certain container oil and put it on the fire. After, when the oil is heated, put a few donuts and fry until golden. Pull them out and fry the rest.

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Delicious cheese balls
Crispy cheese balls deep fried in powdered sugar

Bon Appetite!

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Delicious cheese balls