Delicious dessert without baking

Thanks to this recipe of dessert, which does not need to be baked (since its base is a ready-made cookie), you have the opportunity to hastily make a delicious treat. In the event that you cook it and treat your guests, there will be no one indifferent to it! This dessert is as simple as possible in its preparation and requires very little time (about 30 minutes). To prepare it you do not need to bother with kneading the dough and then bake the cakes from it. All you need is to buy ready-made cookies in the store.

List of ingredients:

• Thick yogurt or thick sour cream — 100 grams
• Orange candied fruits — 70 grams
• Sugar sand — 2 tablespoons (more sweet tooth — more)
• Cookies (cracker or shortbread) — 500 gr
• Coffee (must be hot and strong) — 1 coffee cup per 100 ml
• Chocolate (chopped) — 100 grams
• Hard cheese (preferably Ricotta) — 500 gr

Cooking process

1. We begin to prepare a cream for dessert, the recipe of which came to us from Italy.
2. We start to prepare it with a taste of tiramisu. First of all, you need to take a clean container of large sizes (preferably from glass). Put in it hard cheese, as well as yoghurt (sour cream). Pour a little sugar here (2-3 tablespoons). Thoroughly disturb the mixture.
3. Next, take up chocolate. It is required to grate, using its largest fraction. When finished with chocolate, pour it to the previously prepared mixture. Mix well.
4. Pour orange candied fruit and carefully mix. At this stage, the preparation of the cream is completed. Now you can proceed to the formation of dessert.
5. You should decide on the form for dessert: if the cookie is square, then it’s better to take a plate of about this shape, but if the biscuit is round, take the plate accordingly. Take the paper for baking and cut the piece on the selected form. Put the paper on it.
6. Take the deep dishes separately and pour strong coffee into it.
7. Soak each biscuit in coffee and put it on a plate covered with parchment. Continue to do so until you completely cover the plate with a layer of cookies.
8. Take the previously prepared cream and, with the help of a tablespoon, smear all the cookies laid out. Lay the next layer of finished baking from the store and grease it with cream. Make a number of layers as you wish. The topmost layer of the pastry should not be lubricated.
9. Put the chocolate in a metal container (small size) and put it on the fire. Melt the chocolate. Thanks to this action, you will have chocolate glaze in a very short time.
10. Pour the finished icing for dessert and evenly distribute it with a thin layer over the entire surface. As soon as it cools down a little, put a plate of dessert in the refrigerator (for three hours).
11. I give you a list of some tips and recommendations that you will find useful during the preparation of this dessert
12. In order to exclude the crumbling of delicacies at the time of cutting, it is advisable to choose an oiled parchment.
13. Also, you have the opportunity to prepare this dessert each time with new taste qualities. All that is needed: put between the layers different nuts, berries, fruits or dried fruits.

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Delicious dessert without baking

Bon Appetite!

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Delicious dessert without baking