Delicious homemade toffee

We present you a recipe for delicious sweets, which you can do yourself. This delicacy is prepared with sour cream. For the preparation of such sweets, very little time is needed and even a novice cook is able to cope with them.

List of ingredients

• sour cream — 220 grams
• butter — 30 grams
• sugar — 220 grams

Cooking process

1. Take sugar, sour cream and butter.
2. Put the products in a bucket of stainless steel. Begin to cook on low heat, stirring constantly, bring to a boil. First, your mixture will get a consistency of condensed milk, and then change in color and become very thick. When the mixture becomes very thick, such that it will be difficult to interfere, turn off the fire and add butter. Mix well until smooth.
3. Molds cover with butter and pour the resulting mass. Give candy to cool and you can drink tea.

Delicious homemade toffee

Bon Appetite!

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Delicious homemade toffee