Delicious honey bananas

We present you the recipe of the original dessert. This dish has a rich taste and a crispy crust and its low calorie.

List of ingredients:

• banana — 2 pieces
• honey — 1,5 tbsp
• flour — 100 gr
• water — 100 gr

Cooking process

1. Cut bananas into pieces of 2 cm.
2. In a separate bowl, brew the flour with water, get the claret.
3. Heat the frying pan, dip the bananas into the batter and fry them. Once the banana is fried on one side, turn it over and put the honey on top. It melts and forms honey caramel. After 30 seconds, turn the bananas again. As a result, they should be covered with honey caramel from all sides.
4. Put it on a dish, let it cool down a bit and decorate with a mint leaf. From above you can pour melted chocolate.

If you like to make dessert, you can try also Fruit roll, the recipe is here

Delicious honey bananas

Bon Appetite!

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Delicious honey bananas