Delicious Panna Cotta with a jelly berry layer

This is incredibly tasty treat, which can be cooked at home easily. Are you interested? — Well, this is Panna cotta with a jelly berry layer.

You won’t refuse treating this Italian dessert for sure! It is light and airy. In addition we will supplement it with a layer of berry jelly. You will lick fingers!

What products to take

  • 50 ml — water;
  • 250 ml — fat cream;
  • 8 grams of instant gelatin (take the leaf one);
  • 250 ml of natural yogurt;
  • 10-100 g — sugar;
  • 1 pod — vanilla.

Berry jelly

  • ½ item — lemon;
  • 300 g — frozen berries for your taste;
  • 50 ml — water;
  • 80 g — sugar;
  • 8 g — gelatin.

Begin to cook

  1. Pour gelatin with water.
  2. We pour the cream into the saucepan, add the vanilla seeds together with the sticks.
  3. Add sugar.
  4. We put it on a small fire and heat «to the first bubbles.»
  5. Strain through a sieve.
  6. Add gelatin and mix thoroughly.
  7. And finally the only thing remains: you should add yogurt and mix everything carefully. We recommend you to do it with the help of the blender.
  8. We set the glasses at an angle.
  9. We pour out all required glasses and put them into the fridge.
  10. And now start to prepare berry jelly.
  11. Mix berries with sugar, as well as lemon juice and its zest.
  12. We put the mixture on the fire and bring it to a boiling condition.
  13. With the help of the blender turn your future dish into a puree-like mass.
  14. Add gelatin and mix again.
  15. Cool it to room temperature, pour it onto the frozen creamy layer.
  16. We put it into the fridge until it becomes thick completely.

Delicious Panna Cotta with a jelly berry layer

Delicious dessert is ready! If desired, you can decorate your Panna Cotta with mint leaves. All pleasant pleasures.

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Delicious Panna Cotta with a jelly berry layer