Delicious strawberry ice cream in profiteroles

Fabulous ice cream is easy to prepare at home with only three components: in profiteroles it is even more delicious than in waffle cups. It’s simple, tasty, beautiful — a real masterpiece with your own hands. Crispy dough, delicate creamy taste and strawberry flavor of the filling, and on top — melted chocolate. Want to surprise your family: prepare this ice cream for them.

List of ingredients

• 125 milliliters of milk;
• 125 milliliters of water;
• 100 grams of butter;
• 150 grams of wheat flour;
• half a teaspoon of salt;
• 4 fresh chicken eggs.

For ice cream
• 500 milliliters of cream 33% fat;
• 250 grams of fresh or frozen strawberries;
• 250 grams of condensed milk.

Cooking process

1. Pour water and milk in the saucepan, add butter and salt. Bring the mixture to a boil, stir constantly.
2. In advance sift the wheat flour. As soon as the mixture boils, immediately add flour. Stir intensively with a wooden spatula, knead the dough.
3. The dough should be collected in one lump, and on the walls of the dishes at this time a light raid is formed.
4. Shift the dough into another dish, slightly push it apart with the spatula, so that all the steam comes out.
5. Begin to add in the dough one egg. The first egg is driven in and immediately, and carefully and intensively put it into the dough. So do with all the other eggs.
6. When you add the last egg, look at the consistency of the dough. It should stretch, as if draining from the shoulder blade. If this does not happen, add one more egg. Only not at once, but little by little.
7. We cover the baking tray with parchment paper, we grease it with vegetable oil.
8. With the help of a culinary bag or a conventional plastic bag, we drain the profiteroles on the baking sheet, at a distance from each other. Size adjust at your discretion: how much ice cream you want to get.
9. Put the baking sheet with profitroles in the oven heated to 200 degrees for 15 minutes.
10. After this time, lower the temperature to 160 degrees and leave for another 15-20 minutes.
11. In each profiterole, we make a small puncture at the base with the knife, so that the steam leaves. We transfer them to the grate, for cooling.
12. Cook strawberry ice cream. Chop the blender fresh or frozen berries of strawberries: not in mashed potatoes, but lightly. To keep small pieces of berries.
13. Mix well cooled fat cream with a mixer until soft peaks.
14. Pour into the cream in parts the condensed milk, each time thoroughly mixing with a mixer.
15. Send the strawberries to the bowl, mix again with a mixer, and then shovel.
16. Shift ice cream into a culinary bag with a large nozzle (you can use the package, making a hole in it).
17. Cover the canopy with food film.
18. Fill the frozen profiteroles with ice cream very tightly, shift them to a baking sheet.
19. Close the profiteroles with food film and send it to the freezer for 3-4 hours.
20. Before serving, decorate with melted chocolate.
21. You can also fill profiteroles with amazing yoghurt ice cream with apricots or delicious lemon ice cream.

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Delicious strawberry ice cream in profiteroles

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Delicious strawberry ice cream in profiteroles