Elegant homemade croissants

Croissants are traditionally served for breakfast in France. They are made of puff pastry with various fillings, have the shape of a crescent moon. They take very little time to cook, so croissants can easily be prepared for breakfast. We will prepare our dessert from a pre-prepared puff pastry. But if you want to cook it yourself, then on our website there are some tips for preparing the perfect pastry.

List of ingredients

• chicken eggs — 1 pc
• dough flaky — 0.4 kg
• nut-chocolate paste — 180 gr

Cooking process

1. The dough is rolled into a layer of 3 mm thick and cut into triangles.
2. Using a teaspoon, put a little nut-chocolate paste on the dough and roll it into the shape of croissants.
3. Take the piallet and drive the egg into it, whisk it well.
4. Cut in small pieces of parchment paper and put it on a baking tray. Spread all the croissants from above and cover with the beaten egg.
5. Preheat the oven and bake this delicacy for 20 minutes.

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Elegant homemade croissants

Bon Appetite!

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Elegant homemade croissants