We present you the recipe of a home energy bar. It can be an ideal option for a snack. It can be used as a dessert for lunch or dinner.

List of ingredients:

• dried fruits, dried apricots — 100 grams
• hazelnuts — 125 grams
• almonds — 125 grams
• lemon peel — 2 teaspoons
• powdered sugar — 40 grams
• cinnamon (ground) — 2 teaspoons
• sugar (brown) — 100 grams
• honey — 200 grams
• cocoa bean powder — 40 grams
• wheat flour — 60 grams
• ginger (ground) — ½ teaspoon

Cooking process

1. Put a frying pan on the stove and pour hazelnuts into it. Fry. Pour out on the towel. For their cleansing, repeat the roasting and pour out again on the towel. Clean from the husk.
2. Take the almonds and grate them. Cut dried fruits into small pieces. Take a bowl (preferably not a small one) and put all the products into it and add the lemon zest into it (it must be cut very early in advance). In a separate container, combine wheat flour, cocoa bean powder and spices. Mix well. Mix the flour mixture with dried fruits and nuts. Stir.
3. Take a small pot and pour sugar and honey into it. Put on the stove and turn on a small fire. Mix the mixture until the sugar dissolves completely. As soon as it boils, turn off the fire and pour the resulting syrup to dried fruits and nuts, while you need to quickly mix the mass.


Bon Appetite!

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