Exquisite «Apple clouds»

We present you the recipe of dessert from the most popular and inexpensive fruit in our country. It is prepared quickly and no small sweet tooth will give it up. It turns out this delicacy is delicate, airy and very appetizing.

List of ingredients

• apples -3 pcs
• sugar — 100 gr
• egg — 1 piece
• water 100 ml
• vanilla — 1 pinch
• salt — 1 pinch

Cooking process

Apples are peeled and peeled, cut into small cubes.
1. Take the pan and put apples into it, add half the sugar (50 grams), vanilla and water. We put on the fire and stew for 10 minutes.
2. Separate the protein from the yolk. Protein put in a cup, add salt and whisk the mixer at high speed. Protein weight should be increased 3 times. Then add sugar and whisk again.
3. Remove the apples from the fire, filter and grind with a blender in puree. Let’s cool down well.
4. Combine the protein mixture and apple puree with a mixer to a homogeneous mass. Your dessert is ready.

Exquisite "Apple clouds"

Bon Appetite!

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Exquisite «Apple clouds»