Exquisite parfait

Parfait is a dish of Italian cuisine, having tried it once in a lifetime, you will love it forever. It has a very delicate taste and is perfectly refreshing in hot weather. Such a delicacy is prepared simply, the main thing is to choose the right cheese. When preparing this delicacy you can use a variety of fruits or berries. Everything depends only on your imagination and taste preferences.

List of ingredients:

• cheese Mascarpone — 250 gr
• sugar — 6 tbsp
• fatty Cream — 250 ml
• vanilla — 1 tsp
• any fruit, berries to taste

Cooking process

1. Put cheese, sugar and vanilla into a blender cup. Good whisk.
2. Whisk the cream in a separate bowl, they should thicken.
3. Then the two masses are mixed and beat until homogeneous. Lay out the glasses and put them in the refrigerator for 10 minutes. Add the fruit (berries) and mix it and serve it to the table.

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Exquisite parfait

Bon Appetite!

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Exquisite parfait