Fried ice cream

We present to your attention the recipe for a delicious and unusual delicacy. This ice cream is loved by everyone. Almost every restaurant has it on the menu. Favorite delicacy of most children and we would like to show you how to cook it yourself. You can easily please not only your relatives, but also surprise guests with such delicacy.

List of ingredients

• 300 grams of ice cream
• coconut chips
• starch to taste
• 1 protein
• cooking oil for frying
• 30 gr chocolate

Cooking process

1. Using a spoon, make a few balls.
2. By individual capacities, determine starch, protein and coconut shavings.
3. Each ball is enveloped in this order: starch, protein, shavings. Then we send it to the freezer for 20 minutes.
4. After the required time, warm up the frying pan with vegetable oil. Put balls there and fry for 30 seconds each.
5. Melt the chocolate and water the finished delicacy.

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Fried ice cream

Bon Appetite!

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Fried ice cream