Gentle strawberry mousse

We present you the recipe for making strawberry mousse at home. It will look great on a children’s holiday, like a dessert at a family dinner or simply as a separate delicacy for a loved one.

List of ingredients:

• strawberry — 0.4 kg
• vanillin — 10 gr
• sugar — 3 tbsp
• powdered sugar — 1,5 tbsp
• fatty cream — 0,8 l
• gelatin — 2 tsp
• water — 50 gr

Cooking process

1. Prepare the strawberries (clean the tails).
2. Gelatin is poured into a cup, filled with water and left to swell.
3. Put strawberries in a blender, add sugar and grind in puree.
4. In another cup, add sugar powder, vanillin and pour greasy cream. Whisk good.
5. Combine mashed potatoes from strawberries and creamy mass.
6. Heat gelatin to 60 degrees and add it to the mousse. Thoroughly mix.
7. Spread out the resulting mass in cups and put it in the refrigerator for 3 hours.

Gentle strawberry mousse

Bon Appetite!

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Gentle strawberry mousse