Ice cream without eggs and cream

Today we are preparing a very tasty creme brulee ice cream from cottage cheese. Children, as a rule, do not like cottage cheese very much, but in this variant it will simply go to «cheers». Ice cream is not only very delicate and tasty, but also incredibly useful. Very fast in cooking and quite versatile: you can add various ingredients to taste.

List of ingredients

• 200 grams of cottage cheese fat content of 5-9%;
• 150 grams of boiled condensed milk;
• 50 milliliters of milk.

Cooking process

1. Cottage cheese we put in a bowl, carefully grind with submerged blender.
2. In the cottage cheese we send boiled condensed milk and mix everything with a blender.
3. Lastly, pour in a bowl of milk, we interrupt all components with a blender until homogeneity. The mass should be smooth.
4. Pour ice cream on forms, greased with vegetable oil.
5. Put the forms with ice cream in the freezer for 3-4 hours.
6. When the ice cream well stiffens get it, take it out of the molds and decorate it to your taste.
7. To decorate ice cream, you can use any fresh or frozen berries and fruits, grated chocolate, sprigs of mint.
8. Serve ice cream chilled.
9. Make the summer cool: prepare a delicious homemade ice cream and a gorgeous plombir, as in childhood.

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Ice cream without eggs and cream

Bon Appetite!

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Ice cream without eggs and cream