Original strawberry jelly

Today we will introduce you the dessert for home made strawberry marmalade, incredibly tasty and very, very useful: there are so many vitamins in it. To prepare a strawberry marmalade without sugar, will not be difficult: just follow my recommendations clearly.

List of ingredients:

• 300 grams of strawberries;
• 15 grams of gelatin;
• 1-2 grams of stevia;
• 100 milliliters of water;
• crushed walnuts for decoration;
• coconut for decoration.

Cooking process

1. Warm water. In some small container (you can take a bowl) pour gelatin and add warm water. Gelatin is well stirred, so that it does not take a lump. Remove it aside for 30 minutes to completely dissolve.
2. Strawberries for marmalade are needed only for ripe, so before you prepare a dessert, be sure to go through it. Remove the sepals from the berries and rinse them under running water. It is best to do this by pouring strawberries into a colander: in this case, it does not crumble during washing. Let drain water.
3. Pure strawberries are placed in a bowl of a blender or in a regular bowl and whisked well with a blender in a homogeneous puree.
4. Stir the puree into a saucepan. Add stevia (we use the powder of stevia in the recipe). Add already dissolved by this time gelatin.
5. Pour the saucepan with strawberries and gelatin on a small fire, and stir all the time. We need the gelatin to completely dissolve in the strawberry puree.
6. Gelatin in the strawberry puree has completely dissolved and now, while the mashed potatoes have not cooled down yet, we pour it over the molds. It is not necessary to take any special forms and run after them to the store: the most usual ones that you have at home — even glass plates — will do.
7. On top, sprinkle our marmalade with crushed walnuts.
8. Strawberry puree is allowed to cool at room temperature and then cleaned in the refrigerator to freeze. This will take about 3-4 hours.
9. The time of solidification has come to an end. But we now need to remove the marmalade from the molds. Therefore, we take a large bowl and pour hot water into it: best of all, just boiled. We lower the molds with marmalade into it and hold it literally for a minute, so that the marmalade begins to lag behind the walls of the mold.
10. Turn the form upside down, and our marmalade calmly falls on the plate.
11. Marmalade is decorated with coconut shaving on the edge. It is best to use coconut shaving bright green: then the dish will look generally super.
12. Dressed with chips, marmalade put in the refrigerator for another 15 minutes.
13. Strawberry marmalade without sugar, which we cooked at home, ready — and it can be served to the table. You are convinced that this dessert is very easy to prepare: please your beloved with such a delicious.

Original strawberry jelly
Bon Appetite!

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Original strawberry jelly