Rainbow meringue

You wonder what to come up with unusual for kids, make a very bright, bright and tasty meringue on a stick. It’s so interesting and unusual that it’s just breathtaking. At first glance, it seems that they can not be cooked at home. And in reality, its so easy, that even a child can make these delicious colored meringues.

List of ingredients:

• proteins — 60 grams;
• sugar — 60 grams (weight, as well as protein);
• sugar powder — 60 grams (weight, as well as proteins);
• lemon juice — 3-4 drops (citric acid — a small pinch);
• liquid food colors — 4 any colors;
• wooden sticks for make-up pop.

Cooking process

1. We need 2 eggs for this protein weight. If the final weight of proteins in you turned out different (more or less), then sugar and sugar powder take as much as you can by the weight of proteins.
2. To avoid getting into the total mass of yolk proteins or spoiled protein, each protein is separated into a small bowl. And after pouring its capacity, where will be whipped.
3. To the proteins, add lemon juice or citric acid and whisk until soft steady peaks. Start whipping at low speed, gradually increasing to maximum.
4. Without turning off the mixer and without reducing the speed, in small portions begin to enter the sugar in a lush mass and whisk until it dissolves.
5. Also gradually introduce sugar powder. After it was distributed according to the total mass, we still beat at the highest speed for about 5 minutes — and the meringue is ready. Merenga was smooth, glossy and well-stable.
6. To make them colorful, we need to paint a confectionery bag in 4 colors. To do this, the brush is dipped in food paint and draw a line from the tip towards the edge of the confectionery bag. Opposite would be with the second color and also the rest — in the end we will get different strips crosswise. They become bright, we apply a thick enough layer of paint. (For casting the meringue, I use an asterisk, 1.5 centimeters in diameter.)
7. Fill the confectioner’s bag with whipped whites. Next, on a silicone mat or parchment paper, put a wooden stick and put a spiral on it. So we do with all the rest. If desired, you can put the meringue in the form of drops or waves.
8. Put meringue in the oven, heated to 90 degrees for 1.5-2 hours. From the heat in the oven, the meringue will crack.
9. Homemade iridescent meringue on a stick is neatly separated from a silicone mat or parchment. And we use it for our purpose: we treat the children, decorate them in the form of a gift and give them, decorate cakes, and even better — we enjoy delicious taste, drinking a cup of tea or coffee.

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Rainbow meringue

Bon Appetite!

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Rainbow meringue