«Raphaelo» cream

We present to your attention the recipe of the most delicate cream — «Raphaelo» cream. Everyone knows an excellent taste of sweets with this name. You can cook this fragrant, gentle, melting cream in your mouth at home, which will make your baking unforgettable and incredibly tasty.

List of ingredients

• 70 g of coconut chips
• 400 ml of condensed milk
• 200 gr butter
• 200 grams of white chocolate

Cooking process

1. Combine the butter with chocolate and melt over low heat. Thoroughly stir and watch, so as not to burn.
2. Then pour in the condensed milk and stir again.
3. Then sift the coconut shavings and repeat the previous process.
4. When cream is cooked, put it in a jar and send it to the refrigerator for 3 hours.

You can try this cream for an amazing cake, the recipe is here

"Raphaelo" cream

Bon Appetite!

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«Raphaelo» cream