«Shcherbet» from eastern cuisine

Many people know that «sherbet» is sweetness from Eastern countries, and there is a drink with this name. We will tell you a recipe for another sweetness, which also has this name. The sweetness presented by us is simple and requires a minimum amount of time for preparation. It, in its kind and taste, reminds of sweets called «Toffee».

List of ingredients

• Butter — 80 grams
• Sand sugar — 3.5 cups
• Nuts (it is better to take peanuts) — 1 glass
• Cow milk — 1 glass

Cooking process

1. Take a certain capacity (it is better to take a bowl) and pour in it cow’s milk, and to it we pour sugar. Stir. Put on the gas stove and turn on a small fire. Cook for 30 minutes.
2. Put a frying pan on the fire and roast the nuts. Separate the husks from them.
3. Put the remaining sugar on another pan and melt it.
4. Pour sugar into the milk. Continue cooking for 60 minutes. Then put the butter in it and turn off the fire.
5. On a parchment covered with a parchment or a pan, pour the nuts in a uniform layer, and pour out the caramel mixture on them. All that’s left is to wait for the sherbet to freeze. To do this, put it in a cool place.

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"Shcherbet" from eastern cuisine

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«Shcherbet» from eastern cuisine