Strawberry Fudge

We present to your attention the recipe for another dessert from the strawberry. It is prepared very simply, and the result turns out to be insanely delicious and will please everyone who tried it. Ingredients are the simplest, so you can gladly please your household with such a delicacy for tea drinking.

List of ingredients

• 340 ml of condensed milk
• 600 g of powdered sugar
• 30 g of butter
• 280 g of crushed strawberry
• 2 tablespoons lemon juice

Cooking process

1. Take a baking dish and lubricate with oil.
2. Combine the condensed milk, sugar powder and butter in a saucepan. Then put on a medium fire and bring to a boil.
3. Then add strawberries and lemon juice. Constantly stir, cook to a temperature of 112 and 115 degrees. If you do not have a kitchen thermometer, then check the status of the «soft ball» — drip the mixture into a glass with cold water, the ball should form, and not spread out. If this happens, then the mixture is ready.
4. After reaching the desired state, remove the pan from the fire and quickly pour the mass into the mold. After the mixture has hardened a little, you can create patterns with a knife.
5. We leave it for a while, so that the dessert is completely cooled and sprinkled with the jewelry of your choice. Then it can be cut into pieces.

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Strawberry Fudge

Bon Appetite!

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Strawberry Fudge