Traditional sweets of Indian cuisine — «Burfi»

This dish is rather easy to be prepared and in fact unusually gentle dessert will not leave you indifferent! Describing the dish in a simple way, Burfi is a milk fudge, which in India is prepared in different versions, with various powders and in a plenty of forms. Try to cook with this recipe and we are sure, you do not stop with a single piece.

In accordance to the set of ingredients, the recipe for Burfi is almost identical to the recipe for Ladu, but the cooking technique as well as the final taste of the dish are rather different.

What products to take:

  • flour — 125 g;
  • sugar — 320 g;
  • butter (melted) — 120 ml;
  • water — 120 ml.;
  • handful of almonds.

Begin to cook

  1. After melting the butter, pour the flour into it and fry until the mass is sufficiently dense and plastic.
  2. Mix the water with the sugar and cook the syrup until the thin thread appears, while you are tasting it.
  3. When the desired density is reached, mix the syrup with the paste of flour and pour the pieces of almonds inside.
  4. At this stage, to the mass can be added any spices, flavors and food coloring to the taste.
  5. Wait until the delicacy becomes thick and divide it into portions. By the way you can decorate these sweets, as your heart desires: sprinkle with coconut, nuts or leave in this form and condition.

Traditional sweets of Indian cuisine - "Burfi"

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Traditional sweets of Indian cuisine — «Burfi»