Chocolate vanilla cupcake

This cupcake gets relatively wet filling, and as a result the dessert is just melting in your mouth, bringing you an indescribable pleasure!

This chocolate and vanilla cake is so simple in preparation that even the most inexperienced cooks can cope with it!

What products to take

  • 3 drops — vanilla essence;
  • 200 g flour;
  • 80 ml — water;
  • 50 g — cocoa;
  • 150 g butter;
  • 150 g — natural yoghurt;
  • 250 g of sugar;
  • 4 eggs;
  • 1 tsp — soda;
  • a pinch of salt.


  •     50 grams of dark chocolate;
  •     150 grams of white chocolate;

Begin to cook

  1. Take the necessary amount of flour and add to it some soda with salt. After that stir everything carefully.
  2. We add sugar to the butter. Then it is recommended to grind everything carefully. After that gradually add the eggs, mix and whisk with the help of a mixer.
  3. Gradually add a dry mixture inside.
  4. In the very end pour inside the yogurt and then stir thoroughly.
  5. Mix cocoa and water, pour everything into the dough and mix again.
  6. The dough should be divided into 2 portions: larger and smaller.
  7. To the smaller one add cocoa, to the larger — vanilla.
  8. To the bottom of the buttered mold it is necessary to put half of the vanilla dough, then all chocolate and to the top vanilla again.
  9. We put the future yummy things into the oven preheated up to 190 degrees and bake for 50 minutes.
  10. Cool the dish inside the form.
  11. We have to melt two kinds of chocolate.
  12. The cake has to be covered with white, then with black chocolate.

Chocolate vanilla cupcake

Such a cupcake is able to satisfy the taste of even the naughtiest gourmet. Try it, because in such a way it’s so simple to surprise everybody around! Enjoy!

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Chocolate vanilla cupcake