Lagman for 20 minutes!

Yes, friends, that’s right — you will need just 20 minutes for preparation this tasty dish! And even without potatoes … But, the analogue is not less delicious and much more harmonious.

List of required products:

  • turkey (300 g) (fillets or azu);
  • carrots — 1 item;
  • pepper red (large) (1 item);
  • pepper yellow (large) (1 item);
  • celery root (1 item);
  • onion (1 item) (can be replaced with dry). By the way you can pinch of asafedity instead of onions;
  • spaghetti for lagman or ordinary solid wheat (only broad and flat) (250 g);
  • coriander (50 g);
  • turmeric (1 tsbp);
  • paprika powder (green and red) (optional) (2 tablespoons);
  • salt — (2 tbsp);
  • pepper ground black (1 tsp);
  • olive oil (2 tbsp);
  • sesame oil (1 tbsp.);

Begin to cook

  1. Cut the turkey into large pieces.Celery root is chopped into large uneven pieces (like potatoes), pepper — into large squares, carrots — into circles.
  2. In a frying pan with a thick bottom, warm the mixture of oils. We cook meat on high heat for 8 minutes. We add vegetables and all spices, salt and pepper. We cook for another 5 minutes. The dish is stirred constantly.
  3. We cook spaghetti, depending on what kind of food we use. If for Logman (the special kind), then in a saucepan bring the water to a boiling condition, add a teaspoon of turmeric and put the noodles there for 1 minute — literally, so that it just softens. We take out the spaghetti and add it to the meat along with the water in which the noodles are cooked. Water is needed so that it completely covers the meat and spaghetti.
  4. After that prepare the dish in a frying pan for 5 minutes without reducing the fire, under the closed lid until the spaghetti become ready! Greens are chopped finely and added to the dish at the very end! We serve immediately!

Helpful advice for you

There is another moment, think about the amount of spaghetti for the number of servings that you are planning, as if you leave the noodles on the plate with the meat, they will simply turn into porridge.

Some notes for you

If we use pasta from hard varieties, then cook it in a pan for about 5 minutes and then, together with water, add to the meat. After adding the portion of spaghetti portion that you are ready to eat, do not stir it in lagman so that you can easily get it. And you can boil spaghetti separately and then just add to the meat, when it is already put on the plate. However, water is added to the meat in any case. — We are important broth.

Lagman for 20 minutes!

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Lagman for 20 minutes!