Unreal tasty gnocchi with cheese

Nowadays we would like to share a recipe for a dish that has won the love and appreciation of many families. It is represented by unrealistically delicious potato trickled pastries (or gnocchi) with cheese.

This awesome and at the same time very easy to prepare garnish is an excellent idea for dinner in a warm family circle. Delicate potato trickled pastries just melt in the mouth. Aromatic spices and sauce only complement their already terrific taste.

List of requested products:

  • boiled potatoes — 1 kilogram;
  • potato starch — ¼ of the potato volume (250 grams per kilogram);
  • egg yolk — 1 item;
  • parmesan cheese — 35 grams.


  • salt — to taste;
  • ground nutmeg — ¼ teaspoon;
  • curcuma — 0.25 teaspoons;
  • dried garlic — 1 teaspoon;
  • thyme — half a teaspoon.

For sauce

  • lime leaves — 3 leaves (can be replaced with a small amount of lemon peel for flavor);
  • a small bunch of green onions;
  • basil — to taste;
  • butter — 60 grams;
  • thyme — to taste.

Begin to cook

  1. Let’s start with potatoes, as they are the main components of our dish and you need time to boil and completely cool them. We peel about one kilogram of potatoes and boil them until cooked in slightly salted water. It is not necessary to cut the items, cook them whole. When the potatoes are ready, drain the water, place them on the dish and leave on the table until they cool completely.
  2. Then the potatoes should be grated on a fine grater. We need to have tender and airy mass, and thanks to the grater the potatoes are usually very tender to the taste.
  3. After that we add Parmesan cheese to the potatoes. By the way, you can use any other hard cheese you like.
  4. Then add spices prepared in advance. At this stage, you can make your own adjustments and add spices to your taste. We mix everything carefully and taste it.
  5. Press all the potatoes to the bottom of the bowl. We have to divide them with the help of the spoon first in half, then again in half to get four identical parts. Then with a spoon we remove all potatoes from one part and put starch in their place. In such a way we are measuring the fourth part of the starch for our dish. Perhaps in the process of mixing you will need more starch, so do not remove it.
  6. It remains to add one yolk and start kneading the dough. You can begin to knead it immediately with your hands. The dough should be soft and not stick to your hands.
  7. When you have already formed a sticky knot of dough in the bowl, you can start to knead it on the table (working surface). To do this, sprinkle the table with a small amount of starch and continue to mix thoroughly. Dough shouldn’t be too strongly, do it soft.
  8. Prepare a baking tray or board, where we’ll arrange our gnocchi. Sprinkle with flour a little.
  9. Cut off half of the dough. Sprinkle the table with starch and roll the so-called sausage out of the dough. Then divide it into identical pieces, approximately the size of a walnut each. Each piece rolls into balls. With the help of the finger make a small hole in each ball. Pre-soak the finger in the starch, as the dry one will stick to the dough. There are many ways of forming trickled pastries. The main task is to have a small hole in them, where sauce and greens will come.
  10. We put a pot with water on the stove and prepare to cook our trickled pastries.
  11. Now it is time to prepare the sauce. We send butter to the heated frying pan. Finely chop the green onions and a couple of basil leaves. Grate some lemon on a small grater and add it. From the spices collection we have to take a little white pepper and thyme. Mix it, leave it stewing for a minute and turn the fire off. It is recommended to cook the sauce until the trickled pastries are cooked.
  12. When the water boils, salt it a little. In small portions cook the trickled pastries until they come up. After that we take them out and put onto a frying pan covered with butter. We mix them carefully. And into the pan can send the next group to cook. In such a way you should do until we cook everything.
  13. Then all the trickled pastries are heated in a frying pan on a small fire so that they are thoroughly soaked with the oil flavor. Then put them into the prepared deep plate. From above they can be sprinkled with grated Parmesan cheese.
  14. Decorate with herbs to your taste and serve to the table.
  15. Trickled pastries have turned out to be small, neat and very tasty.

Unreal tasty gnocchi with cheese

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Unreal tasty gnocchi with cheese