Appetizing fish baked in lemon-cream sauce

We are going to present you a recipe that you can use for cooking any fish. According to this recipe, you can bake a fatty fish (with sour cream) or a dry fish (with cream). But whatever variant you choose, your fish will be tender, juicy and very tasty.

List of required products:

  • cream or sour cream — 4 tbsp;
  • lemon — 1 item;
  • different spices — pinch;
  • fish fillet — 400 gr;
  • salt — to taste;
  • lemon juice — 2 tsp;

Begin to cook

  1. Take a cup and pour in it cream (sour cream), add salt and lemon juice. Whisk the mixture with a mixer until smooth condition.
  2. Take the peel from one lemon peel and cut it into thin stripes.
  3. Then we start to cook fish. Wash it well and dry with the help of a paper towel. Then rub it with various seasonings and spices.
  4. We take a roll of food foil and cut off from it a piece, which will be suitable for wrapping the fish into it.
  5. Into the center of the foil it is necessary to put the lemon and fillet above. After that pour everything with the prepared sauce. We wrap everything in foil and fix it well.
  6. Send the fish into the oven, heated up to 150 degrees. Bake your dish for 15 minutes.
  7. When there are 5 minutes left before cooking, open the foil. Thanks to this action, excess moisture will evaporate from the fish and it will be covered with an appetizing crust.

Appetizing fish baked in lemon-cream sauce

And on a garnish to such fish it is possible to serve an amazing puree with a surprise. The recipe for its preparation is on the site.

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Appetizing fish baked in lemon-cream sauce