Fish stuffed with buckwheat

Stuffed fish is a frequent thing on a festive table. But very few people know that such a dish was prepared very long ago all around the Europe. However, those recipes were quite different from ones known to us at present. Today we are going to give you a recipe, which has been preserved in old culinary books. The fish stuffed with buckwheat sounds perfectly well.

The taste of such a fish is amazing! We highly recommend everyone to try it.

What products to take

  • 40 g of wheat flour;
  • 1 kg — fish (whole);
  • 2 onions;
  • 150 g — buckwheat;
  • 120 ml of vegetable oil;
  • 300 ml — sour cream;
  • 3 eggs;
  • to taste — spices;
  • salt

Begin to cook

  1. We take fish (for example, perch, pike or crucial carp), cut off the fins and head, cleanse the viscera, but do not cut the abdomen.
  2. Rinse thoroughly in cold water and then dry.
  3. Season with spices and salt.
  4. Boil buckwheat in salted water until it becomes cooked.
  5. On the heated vegetable oil, fry the onion, which is pre-chopped finely before.
  6. Boil the eggs, cut into medium pieces.
  7. Add the onions and eggs to the buckwheat porridge, add the spices to taste and mix everything.
  8. We fill the fish with this stuffing.
  9. Then gently crumble in flour and place on a frying pan with oil, where the onion was previously roasted.
  10. Fry from two sides to half prepared condition, put into a roasting dish.
  11. Pour the sour cream, put in an oven preheated up to 200 degrees.
  12. Bake until the fish is ready. As a rule, it takes about 15 minutes.

Fish stuffed with buckwheat

Serve the stuffed fish, pouring with the sauce formed when it was being baked .The fish has a perfect flavor! You will be amazed by its delicious taste! Enjoy your meal!

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Fish stuffed with buckwheat