Marinated tuna with noodles

Undoubtedly and indisputably, tuna is a delicacy, but if by some miracle it will be in your skillful hands and you will have the desire and the opportunity to cook it, do it for sure, for example, in accordance with this recipe.

And do not be surprised at the amount of ingredients. Tuna requires attention, and Asian cuisine, in the style of which this dish is prepared, has always been characterized by a careful attitude towards sauces, marinades and seasonings.

So meet the marinated tuna with noodles.

List of required products:

  • tuna Blue Fin — 120 g;
  • blanched peas — 10 g;
  • mini corn — 20 g;
  • sweet pepper — 20 g;
  • sprouted beans — 15 g;
  • zucchini — 30 g;
  • wheat noodles udon — 80 g;
  • sesame seeds — 1 g;
  • vegetable oil for frying;
  • red chili pepper for serving.

for marinade:

  • hoisin sauce — 50 g;
  • soy sauce — 40 g;
  • ginger — 8 g;
  • garlic — 8 g;
  • Schisandra — 1 g;
  • black pepper — 1 g;

for sauce:

  • oyster sauce — 30 g;
  • soy sauce — 30 g;
  • black Chinese wine — 30 g;

Begin to cook

  1. Prepare a marinade for tuna. Fish should be marinated for 30 minutes.
  2. Fry the tuna from all sides in vegetable oil until it becomes half cooked. Mind that inside it must be raw.
  3. Sweet peppers and zucchini are cut into strips. In a hot wax with the addition of vegetable oil fry all the vegetables for about 3 minutes.
  4. Udon is boiled for 4-5 minutes. Throw it on the sieve.
  5. To vegetables add all the ingredients of the sauce and mix carefully. Add udon, mix and cook for another 30-60 seconds.
  6. Tuna is cut into portions of 1 cm in thickness.
  7. On the plate put tuna, vegetables with udon, finely chopped chili (with or without seeds).Tuna is sprinkled with sesame and served immediately.

Marinated tuna with noodles

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Marinated tuna with noodles