Stunning baked capelin

We present to your attention the recipe for an excellent fish dish, which is available to everyone.

Many people like capelin, especially in fried variant. And those men and women, who often cook it, know what a strong and persistent specific flavor there is at home at the end of this process. But there is an excellent alternative, to prepare capelin in the oven. It turns out to be even more delicious. Try, and you will be convinced of it. By the way, we can’t but mention that capelin is quite simple, affordable and very useful fish. To all this, it is also low-calorie, so the dishes from it are considered to be dietary.

List of required products:

  • 800 g capelin;
  • salt and spices to taste;
  • 30 ml of vegetable oil;
  • flour for breading — optional;
  • fresh greens for serving;
  • vegetables for serving.

Begin to cook

  1. First of all, defrost capelin. In this case, do this naturally and do not use a microwave, as the meat of this seafood is too tender. Many people gut it, cutting off the heads, but we do not recommend you. It should simply be thoroughly washed under running water and placed in a deep container. After that salt it and sprinkle with spices. Very tasty capelin is obtained if instead of flour you use mayonnaise.
  2. If you want to cook it in breadcrumbs from flour, it will turn out to taste almost the same as fried one. We take a polyethylene bag and put our fish into it, sprinkle with salt and flour. Then wrap it and shake it several times so that the capelin is completely in flour.
  3. We take the frying tray and cover it with oil. Then lay out your fish at even layer. If flour is not used, then cover careful with mayonnaise or vegetable oil, using a culinary brush.
  4. Preheat the oven up to 200 degrees and send the prepared fish there for 15-20 minutes. It is prepared very quickly, as it practically does not contain connective tissues.
  5. After the necessary time, we take the dish out and serve it to the table, with greens and fresh vegetables. This dish can be wonderfully combined with vegetable salads, boiled rice with white sauce, baked and stewed vegetables. Also it is very tasty with a glass of white wine and a slice of lemon.

Stunning baked capelin

You can serve this delicious capelin with the tastiest salad of baked vegetables, the recipe of which you can find on our site.

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Stunning baked capelin