White fish cutlets with a secret ingredient

We present to your attention the recipe of very delicate cutlets, prepared from fish.

This dish is simple enough for cooking and is able to please even those who do not like this product. Here it is recommended to added shrimp, which are believed to be the secret ingredient. They give these cutlets incredible tenderness and exquisite flavor. Try to cook them one day. You will not be disappointed.

List of required products

  • onion — 150 gr;
  • stuff of white fish — 450 gr;
  • dill — 20 gr;
  • bread — 60 gr;
  • fat cream — 40 gr;
  • shrimps — 130 gr;
  • eggs — 2 pieces;
  • flour;
  • vegetable oil.

Begin to cook

  1. First of all, finely chop the onions and send them to a heated frying pan to fry until golden hint. After that mix them with minced fish and add crushed dill.
  2. We take bread and cut it very finely.
  3. Into a separate container we pour out the cream and combine it with the prepared ingredient. Leave for a couple of minutes. Then we put it to the minced fish.
  4. Shrimp are chopped finely too finely and sent there as well. Then salt and pepper everything.
  5. Separate the whites from two eggs and whisk them thoroughly. After that, pour it out to the stuffing. Mix well and put into the refrigerator for half an hour. We are doing this in order to give them better shape and for fish to become juicy.
  6. After the required time, we take out the minced fish, form the cutlets and we pour them into the flour. Then we send them to a heated frying pan and fry each from both sides to a crust appearance. After that it is necessary to reduce the fire, cover the lid for 7 minutes until ready condition of the dish.

White fish cutlets with a secret ingredient

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White fish cutlets with a secret ingredient