Amazing fried eggplants with cheese

A simple and awesome snack: eggplant fries with cheese in the oven – will please all eggplant lovers from the very first piece.

Eggplants` crust turns out super crispy, but inside they remain very tender, with a rich taste and spicy aroma. They are cooked in the oven, that`s why they will not absorb excess oil, as when frying. Eggplant fries are an excellent alternative to French fries. Offer them to your children: their crispy crust is beckoning to take one more piece and eat it.

List of required products

  • young eggplants — 550 grams;
  • 1 chicken egg;
  • wheat flour of the highest grade — 60 grams;
  • breadcrumbs — 100 grams;
  • any vegetable oil (or olive oil) — 3-4 tablespoons;
  • Parmesan cheese (if you wish, you can do without it) — 40 grams.
  • spices (are added to breadcrumbs)
  • sweet paprika — 1 teaspoon;
  • Provencal herbs (or Italian herbs) — 1 teaspoonful;
  • dried garlic — 1 teaspoon;
  • flakes of chili pepper — ¼ teaspoon;
  • salt — 0.5 teaspoon (you can taste it).

 Begin to cook

  1. First of all, choose young eggplants. Wash them under running water and wipe off the water with napkins. Cut off two ends and cut vegetables into cubes (straws). The cube size should be determined on your own: they should be approximately like the length of your finger on the arm.
  2. Put all the cubes in a deep bowl. Salt and pepper slightly to your liking. Also add a little olive oil (you can take any other) and mix well.
  3. In parallel, turn on the oven to 220 degrees.
  4. Prepare breadcrumbs. Pour them into a deep bowl, in which you will be convenient to mix them with spices. Add Parmesan cheese grated on a fine grater. If there is no cheese, or you do not like it, do not add it. Cheese adds extra piquancy and makes the crust crisp.
  5. Add spices to breadcrumbs and cheese. Here you can use any spices that you like. Stir well with a spoon, so as everything to be evenly distributed in dry breading mass.
  6. Beat one chicken egg in a deep bowl and whisk it.
  7. Add wheat flour to the eggplants. Mix it, so as each eggplant cube to be floured from all sides.
  8. Prepare the baking tray. Lay parchment paper on it and smear with olive oil (as already mentioned, you can use any vegetable oil that you have).
  9. Move the eggplants in small portions into a bowl with the whipped egg, then into the breadcrumbs and roll well on all sides: so as the breading to stick well. Then put them on a baking tray, distance them from each other. Do that with all the cubes.
  10. Put the tray in the heated oven and roast vegetables for about 15-20 minutes. But after 7-10 minutes take out and turn the cubes to the other side. They should be browned from all the sides. Now prepare a very tasty and quick sauce for them.
  11. Excellent homemade mayonnaise with greenery and garlic – that`s what you need. Add a little bit of chopped ​​greenery to mayonnaise: parsley, dill or the young onion green part. Add grated garlic, a little of ground white pepper and nutmeg. Stir — the sauce is ready.
  12. Also, as an option, your flavored and crunchy eggplants can be served with sour cream and greens.
  13. Take out ready eggplants from the oven and transfer them into a wide dish. Put a bowl with sauce in the center of the dish and serve it onto the table.
  14. Eggplant fries are awesome thing both warm and cold.

Amazing fried eggplants with cheese

Enjoy: cook with love

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Amazing fried eggplants with cheese