Dietitian cutlets from beans with beets

We want to present you the recipe for an excellent dietitian dish. As a rule they are appreciated both by children and by adults any time of the year. These cutlets will add whites and many useful vitamins to your menu. They will make it more nutritious and full.

Such cutlets smell like meat ones, although their taste is not like this at all. By the way, on ordinary days, not the dietitian ones, you can add an egg, cheese and minced meat, if you like. It turns out to be very tasty. That is a fact.

List of required products:

  • beans — 200 gr;
  • beets — 1 item;
  • onions — 1 item.;
  • garlic — 3 cloves;
  • coriander — to taste;
  • flour — 100 g;
  • salt, pepper and vegetable oil to taste

Begin to cook

  1. Beets and beans are boiled. Onions and garlic are cleaned and peeled carefully. Then grind all the vegetables with coriander in a blender.
  2. Salt and pepper our mince to taste, add flour. Sometimes the flour should be added a little more, so that the cutlets are better.
  3. Then we heat the vegetable oil in a frying pan and fry the cutlets under the lid on it.

Dietitian cutlets from beans with beets

At last, our delicious cutlets are ready. They can be served together with fried potatoes. The recipe for its preparation you can find on our website without any problems.

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Dietitian cutlets from beans with beets