Extraordinarily delicious ratatouille

The most known dish from French cuisine: a delicious ratatouille, which became very popular all over the world. It sounds beautiful, but in fact, nothing new and unusual. Indeed, these are roasted vegetables: eggplants, tomatoes, zucchinis — under an incredibly juicy and fragrant sauce. It is a vegetable sauce, that makes the homemade ratatouille very delicious.

List of ingredients

For sauce

  • 2 large tomatoes;
  • 1 carrot;
  • 1 onion;
  • sweet Bulgarian pepper;
  • 2 cloves of garlic;
  • 2 teaspoons with a slurry of sugar;
  • salt and black ground pepper — to taste;
  • spices to taste: I have provencal herbs;
  • greens — basil (to taste);
  • olive oil for frying


  • 1 large courgette;
  • 1 large eggplant;
  • 4 large tomatoes;
  • 1 clove of garlic;
  • salt, black ground pepper — to taste;
  • Provence herbs — to taste;
  • olive oil — to taste.

Cooking process

  1. Start making vegetable sauce. Peel, wash and rub carrots on a large grater.
  2. Peel of the husk of onions, wash and dice them.
  3. Washed and removed the skin of ripe and juicy tomatoes. To do this, put the vegetables in a bowl, pour boiling water for one minute. Take out the vegetable and easily remove the skin. Remove the stalk and dice.
  4. Clean Bulgarian peppers and remove seeds. Then cut as the rest of the vegetables.
  5. Pour a little olive oil into the frying pan, heat it up and put the onion into a frying pan, fry until it gets golden.
  6. Put the carrots, sweet peppers in a frying pan, stir and fry a bit.
  7. Reduce the heat, put the tomatoes in the pan, mix, cover the frying pan with a lid. Stew all the vegetables until they become soft. It usually takes about 10 minutes.
  8. Add salt, pepper, sugar and Provence herbs (to taste) in it. Mix thoroughly and taste to try the taste.
  9. Before removing from the stove, add chopped garlic cloves. Mix again and remove the frying pan from the stove.
  10. Immediately put hot vegetables into the blender bowl, add fresh basil leaves, mash everything. The sauce is ready: in principle, it can be used as an independent dish (for example, spread on bread or serve with meat).
  11. Wash, remove from the tails and cut into very thin circles zucchini (for this purpose a special shredder is also suitable).
  12. Wash, remove from the tails and cut into thin slices one large eggplant.
  13. Washed, removed from the stem and cut into thin circles tomatoes.
  14. Lay out all the prepared vegetables for convenience in different dishes and begin to collect your dish.
  15. Spread the whole sauce over a round bowl for baking.
  16. Put the vegetables in a circle over the sauce, alternating them: zucchini, tomato, eggplant.
  17. After you fill the whole bowl with vegetables, you will need to salt, pepper to taste, sprinkle with chopped garlic (one clove according to the recipe), provence herbs. Pour in olive oil on top (about 3-4 tablespoons).
  18. Cover the bowl with ratatouille with foil, place for one hour in the oven heated to 180 degrees. The time is approximate, it all depends on your oven characteristics: the dish is ready when the vegetables become soft.
  19. You can serve vegetable ratatouille both hot and cold: everything will be delicious. It goes perfectly with meat, rice and potatoes — choose according to your taste.

Extraordinarily delicious ratatouille

Bon Appetite!

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Extraordinarily delicious ratatouille