Original courgette cakes

This original dish can be served on a festive table and do not worry — this treat is sure to please everyone. Delicious combination of tender, slightly sweet courgette layers and a little spicy cheese cream fascinate. And you will not notice that you have eaten the third cake.

List of required products:

  • courgette — 400-500 grams;
  • egg — 1-2 pieces;
  • onion — 30-50 grams;
  • flour — 2 tablespoons with a slide;
  • salt, pepper, dill greens, parsley — to taste;
  • vegetable oil for frying.

For cream

  • processed cheese — 1 piece (90 grams);
  • garlic — 3-4 slices;
  • mayonnaise — 2-3 tablespoons
  • tomato — 1-2 pieces.

Begin to cook

  1. If you have young courgette with a very soft skin, then you should not peel it. In another case it is better to peel it off. If there are large seeds in the middle, they also need to be removed.
  2. Grate courgette largely, put into a bowl. Also add a grated onion (you can rub it on a small grater).
  3. Salt courgette with onion (I sprinkle with 0.5 teaspoonful) and stir. Put the mass in a sieve and leave for 10-15 minutes to produce juice.
  4. Squeeze grated courgette and onion with hands well to remove excess liquid, and put the mass back in a bowl. If desired, you can add chopped dill greens, sprinkle with ground pepper.
  5. Beat in 1 large or 2 small eggs, add flour, and mix everything well. Salt (if necessary).
  6. Fry courgette pancakes on both sides on the heated pan with vegetable oil. Try to make them not too thin: 0,7-1 centimeter will be all right.
  7. Cooking stuffing: grate processed cheese, add crushed garlic, mayonnaise and mix. Since mayonnaise and processed cheese are all different,  adjust the exact amount of mayonnaise for your case. In the end, the mass should turn out like a cream, so you can spread it on pancakes.
  8. Slice the tomatoes, about 0.7 centimeter thick.
  9. Make courgette cake: each pancake is well lubricated with cheese cream, covered with the second one, second layer of cream and a slice of tomato on top. Decorate the dish with a small ball from cheese cream and a sprig of dill or parsley.
  10. Homemade courgette cakes are ready! It’s time to serve!

Original courgette cakes

Wish you bon appetite and generous summer.

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Original courgette cakes