Super recipe for a delicious homemade ham

With this recipe, you can prepare a delicious homemade ham quite easily.

It is a very simple recipe for cold snacks. However, pork prepared in this way can be used as a meat part in any hot dish. You see, it will be quite enough to take some of homemade cold boiled pork fillet and heat. This is very convenient idea for those, who are not able to cook every day. In any case you will get a healthy dinner.

List of required products:

(per one kilogram of meat and half a liter of water);

  • 30 grams of salt;
  • 5 grams of granulated sugar;
  • black ground pepper to taste;

Begin to cook

  1. A piece of fresh quality pork without bone.In an ideal we recommend you to take a neck, but it is possible any another as well.
  2. Into boiled water at room temperature, add salt and granulated sugar (according to the recipe) and mix everything well.We put everything aside, as sugar and salt should dissolve well.
  3. The meat should be washed thoroughly and dried with paper towels.
  4. Cover with black pepper the whole piece of meat, rubbing it carefully with your hands.
  5. We put a piece of meat into a suitable dish with a lid, fill it with brine and cover with a lid. We send it to the fridge for three days.
  6. During this period we take the meat out some times and turn it so that it evenly salts out.
  7. After this time, we take the meat from the brine and soak it for two hours in clean, cold water. Don’t forget we store the meat in the fridge all the time.
  8. Then it is necessary to put a small saucer into a bowl, cover it with paper towels and lay there a piece of meat. We leave it for another hour in the fridge, so that all excess moisture will go away.
  9. We take the baking tray, warm it up well on fire, lay the meat in it.
  10. We put the baking tray with meat into the oven, heated up to 120 degrees for two or three hours. In the baking process you can increase the heating of the oven: the first hour — 120 degrees; the second hour is 140 degrees; the third hour is 160 degrees …
  11. We check the temperature of meat with a kitchen thermometer: it should be 72-75 degrees. You can check with an ordinary knife: transparent juice should come out of the cut, and not blood.
  12. We take the meat out of the mold, drain the liquid, lay the piece into the oven, on the grate. Leave for 20 minutes — and our ham is ready.
  13. The meat is cooled and cleaned in the fridge for a day, so that it is evenly soaked in salt.
  14. We serve such meat on a table with an original warm salad from baked vegetables.

Super recipe for a delicious homemade ham

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Super recipe for a delicious homemade ham