Delicious rabbit stuffed with apples

In the very beginning we would like to tell you that this dish is considered to be a representative of the old Russian cuisine. As a rule, in those distant times meals prepared from rabbit or hare were often served at the festive table. Of course, they were mostly for rich and wealthy people, not for poor ones.

This kind of meat was served (and has been served up to the present moment) in stewed, fried or stuffed condition. If you want to have a very delicious variant, prepare the rabbit stuffed with apples.

In accordance with some experienced cooks’ points of view, rabbit meat is exceptionally tender and sour apples suit it perfectly well. Taste is gorgeous! You can cook this dish right now. It is not difficult at all!

What products to take


  • spices;
  • herbs;
  • salt;
  • common vinegar;
  • ordinary water.

Begin to cook

  1. First of all we have to wash the rabbit or the hare carefully.
  2. We cut the fat pork bacon into thin strips.
  3. The carcass should be cut with the help of the sharp knife. Please, do it carefully. After that we stuff the cuttings with fat pork bacon.
  4. Mix the ingredients for the marinade in any proportion you like or would like to get. After that cover the rabbit (or the hare) from the outside and the middle, send to marinate for 3-4 hours into the fridge. You don’t need to freeze it, of course.
  5. We take our rabbit (or hare) from the marinade. Stuff it with sour apples. The last ones can be taken in whole or cut into slices. in this case it is up to you to decide. The same thing concerns the core. You may remove it if you want, but some people prefer to leave it.
  6. Season with various herbs and salt if it is necessary, of course.
  7. Cover everything with the prepared melted butter and put into a saucepan after that.
  8. We put the future dish into the oven, bake at the temperature of 170 degrees until it becomes ready.
  9. The proper condition is checked by piercing. Do it with the help of the ordinary knife, If it easily enters and a clear liquid flows, the rabbit is ready.

Delicious rabbit stuffed with apples

In the similar way you can stuff a rabbit or a hare with sour cabbage. And you will get very delicious dish as well. Enjoy your meal!

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Delicious rabbit stuffed with apples