Dinner for a beloved partner: balls of minced meat

Treat your beloved partner with a delicious dinner, arrange a romantic candlelit evening — and your relationship will play with new colors.

And now we are bringing to your attention an original and very tasty dish for such a meeting: a ball of minced meat in a puff pastry. It is really simply and quickly to prepare this snack. You will have time before the arrival of your couple from work. And in return you will definitely get even more love and attention.

List of required products:

  • 300 grams of any minced meat (we have had chicken);
  • 125 grams of puff-free batter;
  • one chicken yolk;
  • one onion;
  • salt and spices — to taste.

Begin to cook

  1. For cooking this dish it is recommended to take the minced meat prepared at home.The mixture of beef and pork will be ideal for this purpose. And in the summer it is better to use chicken mincemeat, as it is considered to be lighter.
  2. The meat is passed through a meat grinder together with the head of peeled onion.If you have already had ready minced meat, then simply cut the onion as small as possible (or grate on a large grater) and add to the stuffing.
  3. Salt and pepper all to taste, if desired you can add your favorite spices for minced meat.
  4. Puff kneaded dough is cut into thin stripes.If it is frozen, you need to get it from the fridge in advance, of course.
  5. And here is a small tip for you.On our website «Recipe Ideas» you can see the recipe for homemade puff pastry. An excellent alternative to the purchase dough.
  6. From the stuffing we form meatballs, wrap them in strips of dough (the finished product should look like a ball of thread for knitting).
  7. We cover the baking tray with parchment paper (or baking paper), cover with vegetable oil.
  8. We put our items onto a baking tray, at some distance from each other.Cover them with whipped yolk (you can add a tablespoon of milk into it).
  9. We send a baking tray with meat balls into the oven, heated up to 180 degrees.Bake it for about half an hour, until your dish is ready. The dough should be well browned.
  10. We put our round on a dish and decorate them beautifully.

Dinner for a beloved partner: balls of minced meat

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Dinner for a beloved partner: balls of minced meat