Original stuffed eggplants

Try to cook a wonderful stuffed eggplants and this delicacy will become a frequent guest on your table. Seductively mouth-watering aubergines with meat filling will certainly please you with its taste, and the aroma of this dish is driving everyone crazy at the table. Delicate and savory stuffed eggplants will bring you multiple pleasant impressions. They harmoniously combine a stunning taste and unique flavor.

List of ingredients:

  • ginger — 2-3 plates
  • sesame oil — 1 teaspoon
  • salt — 1 teaspoon
  • soy sauce — 1 teaspoon
  • starch — 0.5 teaspoonful
  • chicken egg — 2 pieces
  • eggplant — 1 piece
  • home ground meat (any) — 100-200 grams
  • green onion — 3 stems
  • wheat flour — 2 tablespoons with a hill
  • white ground pepper
  • chicken seasoning
  • seasoning «13 spices»
  • water (for batter) — 70 grams.

Cooking process

  1. For gorgeous stuffed eggplants you will need minced meat (can be beef or pork).
  2. Put the prepared stuffing in a deep bowl.
  3. Whisk eggs in a bowl and add to the minced meat, add one teaspoon of soy sauce, one teaspoon of sesame oil, seasonings to taste (white ground pepper, chicken seasoning, spices «13 spices»), add half a teaspoon of salt, starch (according to the recipe).
  4. Then put finely chopped green onions, ginger in a bowl with mince and mix everything well. Meat stuffing for stuffed eggplants is ready.
  5. Wash eggplants, remove from the stems, cut into circles in two stages (the first time do not cut the circle to the end, and the second time — cut to the end). As a result, you get a pocket.
  6. And now we will be engaged in stuffing our eggplant. To do this take two parts of eggplant, put prepared meat mince in the middle, compress eggplant circles a little and remove excess mince.
  7. Now in a separate bowl put two tablespoons of flour (with hill), whisk in one egg, add the remaining salt (0.5 teaspoon) and mix all this well.
  8. Then pour in water, mix well again until we have a homogeneous mass. The batter is ready.
  9. Fry the eggplants in a pan. Pour the vegetable oil on the prepared frying pan and put it on the stove to heat up.
  10. Dip stuffed eggplants in a batter and spread to a frying pan.
  11. Fry the stuffed eggplants from both sides until a ruddy crust.
  12. Gorgeous stuffed eggplants will pleasantly surprise you with their taste.

Original stuffed eggplants

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Original stuffed eggplants