Pork with broccoli in wok

Pre-marinated in soy sauce and sesame oil pork is fried very quickly in a wok together with vegetables. This is a great advantage as with this method of cooking, the products save their useful properties.

List of required products:

  • pork fillet — 300 g;
  • soy sauce — 2 tbsp;
  • sesame oil — 1 tbsp;
  • Chinese cabbage 500 g;
  • garlic — 2 cloves;
  • chili pepper — 1/2 items;
  • ginger — 2 cm;
  • onion — 1 item;
  • broccoli (can be s / m) — 200 g;
  • olive oil — 2 tbsp.;
  • sesame seeds, greens for decoration.

Begin to cook

  1. So we will prepare pork with broccoli wok.
  2. Cabbage should be shredded, onion, garlic and chili pepper are chopped finely, ginger is grated on a fine grater.Meat is cut into thin strips and marinated in soy sauce and sesame oil for 10 minutes.
  3. Wok has to be heated, a little oil is splashed and the meat is fried in a few turns.Do not fry for too long. And don’t forget to stir constantly. Remove the meat from the frying pan. Into the wok it is necessary to put onions, garlic, chili and ginger. Fry for 1 minute, stirring constantly. Add the broccoli.
  4. Add cabbage, fry another 3-4 minutes.Put meat, mix, remove from heat, allow to draw for 4-5 minutes. Salt and pepper if it is necessary.
  5. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and greens.Enjoy!

Pork with broccoli in wok

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Pork with broccoli in wok