Stunned meat in French manner with zucchini

Dear friends, today we want to tell you how to cook meat in French manner with zucchini.

Frankly speaking, this recipe for delicious homemade meat in French manner with zucchini immediately attracted our attention. As a rule, people don’t like eating these vegetables, finding them boring. But being prepared in this way, they will be asked again and again. Appetizing ruddy crust, barely perceptible scent of garlic and juicy meat with a delicate zucchini are unrealistically delicious. Be sure to prepare meat in French manner at home!

List of requested products:

  • chicken thighs — six pieces;
  • one young zucchini;
  • cheese hard — 150 grams;
  • garlic — three cloves;
  • salt — to taste;
  • mayonnaise — 4-6 table spoons;
  • a pinch of ground pepper.

Begin to cook

  1. Chicken thighs have to be freed from bone and chicken skin.For this purpose we need a sharp kitchen knife.
  2. Usually the cutting the meat is done on the kitchen board.
  3. Put the chicken thigh on the board the skinned side down.Make the cuttings along the bone, push the meat apart and gently carve the bone from both sides: try not to cut through the meat.
  4. Then turn the thigh, cut the skin and, if necessary, excess fat.
  5. In any case, do not throw bones with small remains of meat.Of course, it is not possible to cook something meat from them, but they can be used for cooking chicken broth, various soups and stews.
  6. Prepared chicken thighs are arranged on a plate. Salt and pepper them to your personal taste then.
  7. Each piece is pressed by hands with force, so that they released the juice.
  8. A young zucchini of medium size is washed and cut into thin rings.It is not necessary to peel zucchini from the skin.
  9. A piece of cheese is rubbed on a large grater.
  10. Cut the garlic into small cubes with a knife.
  11. Cover the baking tray with parchment paper. We lay out meat on it.
  12. From above the each piece of meat we lay out the zucchini rings. For each zucchini we have needed three rings.
  13. Take the salt and salt your zucchini a little.
  14. Then sprinkle homemade meat with chopped garlic.
  15. After that, sprinkle everything generously with hard cheese.
  16. The final layer is mayonnaise (instead of mayonnaise you can also use sour cream). Squeeze a small amount of mayonnaise into each serving: adjust the amount of mayonnaise yourself.
  17. We send our baking sheet with tasty meat in French manner into the oven for 35-40 minutes until the golden crust appears. The temperature of the oven should be 180 degrees.
  18. Finished meat in French manner is put into plates and served to the table.

Stunned meat in French manner with zucchini

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Stunned meat in French manner with zucchini