Stunning grechaniks in a tomato sauce

Grechaniks belong to the Ukrainian cuisine. Thanks to tomato filling, are very juicy and tender. It low calorie (for those who want to lose weight) and very tasty. If the stuffing is not enough, then easily change the proportions: you can take 50 to 50. It still turns out every time insanely delicious.

List of ingredients:

• one kilogram of meat;
• 300 grams of boiled buckwheat;
• 2 fresh chicken eggs;
• one large head of onions;
• Spices and salt — to taste.

To fill
• one glass of tomato sauce;
• one head of onions.

Cooking process

1. Meat is twisted in a meat grinder. In a bowl of minced meat, add two chicken eggs (whisked in a separate bowl).
2. Chop well one large head of onion and shift it into minced meat.
3. Add the favorite spices to the bowl with minced meat, salt to taste and mix thoroughly.
4. Lastly, shift the boiled buckwheat porridge to the bowl in advance.
5. When the minced meat is well-mixed, we proceed to the formation of grechaniks.
6. We form rather large cutlets, shift them immediately into a baking dish (I use ceramic and then I feed it to the table).
7. For frying, fry in advance on vegetable oil the onion head (finely chopped).
8. You will also need tomato sauce for pouring: you can use the purchased sauce, you can dilute 50 grams of tomato paste in 250 milliliters of water.
9. We spread on top the of grechaniks fried onions to golden color, pour tomato sauce.
10. Afterwards put the form to the oven heated up to 180 degrees, bake for 40-50 minutes. If desired, you can cover with foil.
11. Sprinkling with herbs and serve.

Stunning grechaniks in a tomato sauce

Bon Appetite!

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Stunning grechaniks in a tomato sauce