Unforgettable chicken ruffles

Today we present you the recipe for the simplest dish. Frankly speaking, it seems like even a child can cope with this task. This dish perfectly fits the everyday table.

It can be served with a garnish of stewed cabbage and the recipe for its preparation can be found on the site «Ideas for recipes.»

List of required products:

  • chicken breast — 700 g;
  • egg — 1 item;
  • salt and pepper — to taste;
  • mayonnaise — 3 tbsp;
  • garlic — 4 cloves;
  • flour — 70 g;
  • vegetable oil.

Begin to cook

  1. Wash the chicken breasts carefully, lightly dry them with a towel and cut into average small squares.
  2. We take a deep cup, put the chopped fillets into it, squeeze out the garlic, add salt, pepper, mayonnaise, egg and flour. Mix everything carefully. The minced meat should remind a dough for pancakes.
  3. We put the frying pan on the fire, warm the vegetable oil on it. With the help of the ordinary spoon put the minced meat into the hot frying pan and fry until your dish is done.

Unforgettable chicken ruffles

This dish is usually appreciated both by children and by adults. It can be good in combination with any side dish you like. So it is up to you to decide what to choose. Are you ready for real holiday of your stomach? It is not so difficult in fact!

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Unforgettable chicken ruffles