Appetizing omelette «Glade»

Omelette is considered to be a very delicious and rather healthy breakfast. We are going to present you the recipe for an omelette with croutons and greens. It will surely please you and your whole family, especially children.

List of required products:

  • Chicken egg — 3 pieces;
  • Milk — 1/4 tbsp;
  • Bread (any) — 2 pieces;
  • Butter — 50 g
  • Salt, pepper — to taste;
  • Greens — 30 gr.

Begin to cook

  1. We take a small bowl and beat the eggs into it. Beat them with a whisk. Pour milk, salt and pepper to taste. Continue to whisk until smooth condition.
  2. Bread should be cut into pieces and fried on a pan. Pour with egg mixture.
  3. Fry under the lid until done. Sprinkle with finely chopped herbs.

Appetizing omelette "Glade"


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Appetizing omelette «Glade»