Delicious lunch for 15 minutes: pasta with chicken and mushrooms

A simple and at the same time rather nutritious dish can be cooked in one frying pan. And its preparation will take only 15 minutes.

Pasta fettuccine with chicken and mushrooms in a delicate creamy sauce with cheese seems to be unrealistically tasty and very simple. The whole family will be full and happy with it.

List of required products:

  • 250 grams of pasta (we have taken fetuchini);
  • 500 grams of chicken breast;
  • 130 grams of fresh mushrooms;
  • one onion;
  • two cloves of garlic;
  • 200 milliliters of 33% cream;
  • 350 milliliters of water or broth;
  • 100 grams of mozzarella cheese;
  • 25 grams of Parmesan cheese;
  • olive or any other vegetable oil.


  • salt and black ground pepper — to your own taste;
  • one teaspoon of dried thyme and oregano;
  • a quarter teaspoon of nutmeg.

Begin to cook

  1. Deep frying pan with a thick bottom is immediately put on the fire. After that pour olive oil or any other vegetable oil onto it. While it will be warmed up, we will begin to prepare the products.
  2. Two cloves of garlic are peeled from the husks, pressed with a knife and finely chopped.
  3. We send garlic to the preheated oil.
  4. At this time, we clean the onion from the peel, chop the onions finely and send them to the frying pan with garlic. Stir and leave your future dish to fry.
  5. At this time we will prepare mushrooms. You can use absolutely any fresh mushrooms to your taste. We have taken champignons and cut them into thin straws (or small cubes).
  6. When the onion turns out to be golden, we put the mushrooms into the pan and mix them.
  7. Chicken fillet is cut into small cubes, so that it is fried quickly.
  8. We send the chicken fillet into a frying pan, fry with constant stirring until the chicken’s meat changes color.
  9. Then all has to be salted and peppered. Add thyme and oregano. We rub nutmeg on a small grater. Stir everything carefully.
  10. We pour fat cream and water (you can use the broth) into the frying pan. Stir, bring to a boiling condition and taste. Add spices, if it is necessary.
  11. Then put the pasta, mix, reduce the heat and cover the frying pan with a lid: we prepare them as much as indicated on the package.
  12. While macaroni is cooked, we have to chop the greens of dill or parsley finely.
  13. When the pasta is cooked, add cheese to it, mix it and turn the fire off. Sprinkle with herbs and some more cheese. Serve it on the table.
  14. Here is a small tip for you. Recipes for the best cheeses that can be cooked at home can be found on our website.

Delicious lunch for 15 minutes: pasta with chicken and mushrooms

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Delicious lunch for 15 minutes: pasta with chicken and mushrooms