The most delicious Lakian pilaf

This dish has come to us from the Caucasian cuisine and it is rather considered to be a vegetarian one, because it does not contain meat. But, thanks to properly selected components, it is very tasty and nutritious. This dish is prepared quickly and easily.

List of required products

  • lentils — 170 g;
  • rice — 1 glass;
  • potatoes — 3-4 items;
  • carrots — 1 item;
  • garlic — 2 cloves;
  • vegetable oil — 3 tbsp.
  • bay leaf — 2 items;
  • salt — 1 tbsp.

Begin to cook

  1. We start our preparation with vegetables. They must be cleaned and washed carefully.
  2. Take the pan and put the lentils into it, add the bay leaves and garlic. Do not salt! Bring to a boiling condition and continue to cook for another 15 minutes.
  3. Wash the rice.
  4. Carrots and onions have to be ground, then fried lightly in vegetable oil.
  5. Drain off the odd water from the boiled lentils water.
  6. Potatoes are cut into small circles and spread on fried vegetables. From above lay the washed rice, and then lentils.
  7. We take boiling water (0.5 liters) and dilute 1 teaspoon of salt in it. Fill a prepared dish with water and add a bay leaf. Cover and stew for 40 minutes. During the first 30 minutes, the lid shouldn’t be opened.
  8. Then the pilaf is stirred and can be tasted.

The most delicious Lakian pilaf

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The most delicious Lakian pilaf