Amazing salad with tuna

Vegetable salad with canned tuna is especially important, when nature gives us vitamins in unlimited quantities. A bright solemn dish will be appropriate on any festive table. The original combination of ingredients will cheer up the guests and will charge with optimism. Easy dietary salad will be to the taste of adults and children! Fish dietary recipes are especially good for people, who fight weight. Cook and enjoy!

List of ingredients:

• a bunch of green lettuce leaves;
• 240 grams of canned tuna;
• 4 chicken eggs;
• 15 pieces of cherry tomatoes.

For refueling
• one tablespoon of lemon juice;
• salt and black ground pepper — to taste;
• three tablespoons of vegetable oil.

Cooking process

1. For serving, we need a nice flat dish.
2. Lettuce leaves are cut or finely torn with hands to pieces. We spread them beautifully in the first layer: we make the so-called pillow.
3. From a jar of canned tuna (it should be whole pieces), we drain the water, and cut the fish into pieces, removing the bones. Spread the tuna on the lettuce leaves.
4. Fresh chicken eggs must be boiled in advance in salty water, cooled and cleaned of shell. Cut the hard-boiled eggs first along the halves, and then each halves into three parts. We lay out closer to the middle of the dish in the form of a flower.
5. Each cherry tomato is cut into four parts. Beautifully lay out on the platter, filling all the empty seats.
6. We make refueling: in a small bowl we pour three tablespoons of refined vegetable oil (it is better, of course, to use olive oil, but I did with sunflower — it is also very tasty), add one tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Solim and pepper to taste, everything is thoroughly mixed.
7. Pour the dressing salad on top and immediately serve.

Amazing salad with tuna

Bon Appetite!

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Amazing salad with tuna