An amazing snack cake «Napoleon»

This beautiful cake will be a real decoration on any table. A cake with this recipe is good because you can use any stuffing to your taste and purse: crab sticks, chicken, liver, red fish. We introduce one of the versions and quite quick and fairly simple. It turns out very tasty, delicate and fragrant. And very, very beautiful.

List of products:

• 800 grams of puff pastry;
• 2 fresh chicken eggs;
• 300 grams of pickled mushrooms;
• 150 grams of ham;
• 100 grams of hard cheese;
• 2-3 medium carrots;
• 2 heads of onions;
• one clove of garlic;
• 200 grams of melted cheese + 150 grams on top of the cake;
• salt and black ground pepper — to taste;
• vegetable refined oil — for frying.

For decoration
• smoked sausage;
• hard cheese;
• olives;
• greenery.

Cooking process

1. To prepare this you can use ready-made cake layers. Dough defrost, divide into 5 parts and roll each piece into the formation. Put them on a plate with a diameter of 22-25 centimeters and cut with a knife.
2. Then each cake should be pierced with a fork in several places: in order not to swell when baking.
3. Put the cakes to the oven, heated to 220 degrees, for 8-10 minutes. Then get it and cool it.
4. It is necessary to boil the eggs in salt water beforehand, to cool and to clean from the shell.
5. In a bowl, rub on a large grater hard cheese and eggs. Add them to the garlic passed through the press and fill with mayonnaise. Stir.
6. On a flat serving dish lay out the first layer and distribute on it a stuffing of eggs and cheese. Prepare the filling for the second crust. Finely cut the ham, add to it chopped dill, black pepper and soft cream cheese. Stir.
8. Lubricate the resulting filling with a second layer and cover with the third one.
9. With pickled mushrooms (you can use any) drain the liquid, finely chop and transfer them to a bowl and fill it with mayonnaise. Stir and lubricate the resulting filling of the third cake.
10. Cover with the following layer.
11. Two heads of onions finely chopped, carrots rubbed on a large grater. Fry until cooked in a small amount of vegetable oil.
12. Cool, add black pepper and melted cheese, mix.
13. Spread on the cake and cover with the last layer.
14. Cover the cake with a food film, crush it with your hands and send it to the fridge for three hours.
15. Mix the cream cheese with mayonnaise. Smear the cream with the top and sides of the cake and put in the refrigerator for another day.
16. Decorate the cake before the actual serving. You can decorate to your taste, or see the photo.

An amazing snack cake "Napoleon"

Bon Appetite!

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An amazing snack cake «Napoleon»