An original salad “Piano”

Such a salad will garnish any celebration table. It’s made up from easily available ingredients. It’s cooked very easily, though you will get an impression like you cook something complicated.

List of ingredients

  • chicken fillet – 0.5 kg
  • eggs – 4
  • onion – 2
  • apple – 2
  • hard cheese – 0.2 kg
  • bacon – 50 gm
  • nuts – 200 gm
  • olives
  • mayo – 100 gm


Cooking process

  1. Cook the chicken fillet until it’s ready.
  2. Cook and clean the eggs and separate the white part from the yellow yolk. Next put them into different bowls. Put aside 1 white part of 1 egg, you will use it to garnish the salad. Grate the rest of the white.
  3. Clean the chicken fillet and cut into square pieces.
  4. Clean the onion and mash it up.
  5. Clean the apples and grate them.
  6. Mash up the nuts using a blender or coffee-grinder. Grate the yellow-yolk.
  7. Grate the cheese by small grater.
  8. Create the salad, you need to grease each layer with mayo. We used mayo that we made at home (you can find the recipe on our webpage). First layer should be the white of the eggs, put chicken fillet for the second layer, then the onion, apples, nuts and the yellow yolk.
  9. Put cheese on one part of the salad, put the yellow yolk on the other part.
  10. Cut the cheese into sticks, then put the sticks on the salad as piano-keys, use the black olives as piano-keys as well.
  11. Made from the bacon a rose, use the greens as leaves.

An original salad “Piano” An original salad “Piano”

Bon Appetite!


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An original salad “Piano”