Delicious liver salad

I understand that there are a lot of recipes for liver salads and, for sure, everyone already has his beloved. But, still we recommend to prepare a salad from the liver of beef according to recipe. The liver in this salad shows its taste in a completely new way in combination with vegetables and spices, an incredible dish is obtained.

List of ingredients:

• 500 grams of beef liver;
• 2 medium carrots;
• 2 heads of onions;
• 200 grams of pickled cucumbers;
• one can (350 grams) of canned green peas;
• salt and black ground pepper — to taste;
• citric acid — to taste;
• refined sunflower oil — for frying;
• mayonnaise for refueling — to taste.

Cooking process

1. Wash beef liver thoroughly, remove the film and soak in milk for 30 minutes.
2. Pour water into the pot, salt, transfer the liver and cook after boiling for 40 minutes (on a small fire under the lid). Check the readiness with a wooden skewer: there should not be any red juice. During this time, prepare the rest of the products.
3. Clean, wash and rub carrots on a large grater.
4. Remove the two heads of onions from the husk, cut into thin quarter rings.
5. Pour a little vegetable oil into the frying pan, warm it up and lay the onion. Fry it to transparency with constant stirring.
6. In a frying pan with onion add grated carrots, mix, add citric acid on the tip of a teaspoon. Continue to fry on a small fire until soft carrots.
7. Chilled liver of beef cut into thin strips.
8. Cut marinated cucumbers with the same straw.
9. Collect the salad in a deep bowl. Put the liver, pickled cucumbers, cooled carrots and onion, green peas (from which it is necessary to drain the liquid beforehand). All carefully mix with a spoon.

Delicious liver salad

Bon Appetite!

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Delicious liver salad