Extraordinary salad with herring

Salad with herring remotely resembles a well-known recipe for herring under a fur coat, but much tastier and looks original: herring on top of the «coat». The taste of salad from this only wins, and mushrooms make their own zest. Salted herring is loved by most of us, so we suggest adding this recipe to your cookbook.

List of ingredients:

• One large beet;
• One large carrot;
• 2 chicken eggs;
• One carcass slightly salted herring;
• 150 grams of pickled mushrooms;
• Mayonnaise — to taste.

Cooking process

1. Carrot and beets carefully rinse with a brush under running water, put in a pan and boil until cooked.
2. Cool and peel the vegetables from the peel. We rub on a large grater (separately).
3. Fresh chicken eggs also boil in advance in salt water, pour cold water and cool. We clean the shell, rub it on a large grater.
4. The carcass of the herring is cut on fillets and cut into thin slices.
5. With marinated mushrooms drain the liquid (you can flip them into a colander).
6. Council. You can look at our website how to cook excellent pickled mushrooms at home.
7. We lay out all the prepared ingredients for different bowls.
8. We add mayonnaise to beets, carrots and eggs, mix.
9. Council. How to make a useful and tasty mayonnaise at home — look on our website.
10. We will make a salad on a flat dish.
11. First lay half the beet, on it — marinated mushrooms.
12. The third layer: carrots with mayonnaise, then — grated eggs.
13. We cover everything with the second half of the beets.
14. Cover the whole salad with slices of herring and decorate with dill sprigs (see the photo under the recipe).

Extraordinary salad with herring

Bon Appetite!

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Extraordinary salad with herring