Fresh cocktail – salad with orange

You can cook this salad for a holiday. The salad will be a garnish on your table. This salad will be a good addition to any of your usual dishes and your family will be delighted. It’s easy to make, juicy and very tasty and you can make it very fast. The combination of orange and cucumber isn’t usual, but you will have an unusual salad that will satisfy you. A fresh salad that’s what you need in the hot summer days.

List of ingredients:

  • Eggs -4
  • Hard cheese -100 gm
  • Orange -1
  • Cucumber -1
  • Half of canned corn – 200 gm
  • Mayo

Cooking process

  1. Before you start making the salad the eggs should be already cooked.
  2. Put all the ingredients in a bowl, we will create the salad in dessert-bowls (you have to get them ready in advance).
  3. Peel well the orange. Divide the orange into pieces, the way you usually do it. Then clean them from skin and seeds. Cut each piece in 2.
  4. Put half of the can with corns in the bowl.
  5. Great the hard cheese using big greater.
  6. Wash well the cucumber, then cut of the stems of the cucumber. Next cut it into flat slices, then cut into thin sticks.
  7. Cut into small squares the eggs.
  8. Create the salad in dessert bowls or use winecups.
  9. Put the eggs first, squeeze some mayo on it (use mayo made by yourself at home. Some recipes you can find on our site)
  10. Put cucumber on it, then put some mayo.
  11. Next put the corn (do not put mayo on it).
  12. Next put the cheese, put some mayo on it.
  13. Decorate the salad by the orange pieces and cucumber.
  14. Full the same way the rest of the dessert bowls and serve.

Fresh cocktail – salad with orange

Bon Appetite!

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Fresh cocktail – salad with orange