Korean pumpkin salad

We want to introduce you to an unusual recipe. In this version, you rarely see a pumpkin, but it turns out to be mega delicious. It can be prepared as an addition to a juicy chicken on a cabbage dish. The recipe you can find on our webpage.

List of ingredients:

• pumpkin — 0,2 kg
• sesame oil — 2 tbsp.
• honey — 1 tsp
• vinegar 9% — 1 tsp
• sesame pinch
• seasoning for Korean carrots

Cooking process:

1. Take a bowl and mix sesame oil, honey and vinegar in it.
2. Then clean the pumpkin from the skin and rub it. Put into a deep cup, pour the resulting marinade, add the seasoning and mix thoroughly.
3. Sprinkle with sesame and clean in the refrigerator, leave for several hours (2-3 hours) and its ready to be served.

Korean pumpkin salad

Bon Appetite!

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Korean pumpkin salad